Parent Carers Legal Support has been developed through many years experience in the field of Adults with Incapacity. We first started working closely with Parent Carer Groups and their supporting professionals through our associated initiative, Solicitors for Older People Scotland.

Having listened to feedback from carers and the professionals supporting them, it became clear that there was an evidential gap in collective information relating to the legal process of applying for Guardianship for a child. Collaboratively, with many carers centres in Scotland, we provide free, online, information sessions for Parent Carers regarding Guardianship, Planning for the Future, Wills, Trusts etc as well as training sessions for staff groups working with parent carers in the third or public sector.

Our ethos is to listen to what parent carers want to know as well as advising them of what we think they need to know. For that reason we have consulted closely with parent carers and their supporting professionals to ensure that we provide clear, concise and accurate information relating to the Guardianship process for a child.